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Sunday, September 18, 2005


I don't understand anymore how a governor who is suposed to be watching our back will be in London with millions of pounds. For christ's sake there are places in the Delta that need some individual effort to alleviate peoples suffering. Yet he has a house if not two where money is continually stashed. And we aren't talking some thousands of Naira or even millions of Naira given the world exchange rates. This guy is dealing in millions of pounds. Wow. I see why the people are suffering so much.

I mean isn't this annoying enough then some elements in the youth who possibly have been planted there say this is political?
I don't understand who has who's backs or who is against himself in this case. I'm confused. Are these the youths speaking or just some political dominos?

But how do any one expect me to stay and suffer in this?
When everything seem so tied up by one group of people.
I don't know if to be happy or to be sad but I know that one by one all that is done in secrete will be exposed in the Open.

God bless Nigeria and God bless it's youths.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Re:Job requirement: Food must taste great.

9/16/2005 08:58:00 AM
Posted by John Dickman, Food Service Manager google Inc.

Hey guys give me a shot. I can make some reall tempting Nigerian Dishes.

Call me now before ebay buys me off or Microsoft hires me.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Macromedia's forums are going to get busy

Hey guys,
Macromedia just buzzed every one that the long awaited studio8 is out and boy is it just timely. I'm actually working on a poject for a secondary school in kwara state that incorporates video and the works. I think it's just the perfect way to test something you are definitely going to buy :), anyway it promises to be a wonderful tool but you never know the cons until you run it through some realtime testing and I just cant wait to do that.

I really wish they could do some more to the Dreamweaver/php relation though. I'll sure love some code indenting and some code completion in there. Just a though anyway.
I'm of to the dloadz section.
See you at the forums.

@>:() )=<

Vomit After Vodkas

Interesting One

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ebay weds skype

Boy! After going through a few notable internet new joints i feel the urge to say something really brief.
"Ebay just made a very smart move".
Wether skype is currently making profits or not is really not the issue here.
Taking myself as a specimen, I will like to transact busuness with any body anywhere on the globe. and given the chance i will like hitchfree communication which includes text voice and video and I don't mind if I could get a hollographic representation of the customer. Boy this thing will blow the ebay community up.
Mind you ebay's got most of thier customers in U.S.A and skype has just about one eight of thier users. Which means skypes automatically got thier ebay's users in the U.S while ebay has got skype's.

Just Imagine the triend of things from pure text to Images then to voice, trust me any company that does something on video would have hit the next gold rush. The point is putting power in the hands of individuals, and ebay through is various acquisitions have been able to do just that.

I love smart people and I love E-bay for this move.

FreeDoom of Speech in Singapore

Well Well Well,
It's no news anymore that Singapore is no go area for those freedom thirsty yuppies like myself. I mean just check it out two singaporians were just flogged on the bum(SGD10,000) each to bail them for what the authorities say are "Racist remarks". I used to dread those Asian countries. I knew there was something fishy about them.
I was planning a traineeship to Malaysia(Qualalumpur) to be specific, and just as I got asking around what the laws are and what really entails in these places. I got some horrible tip that these guys are the only Nation in the world that behead Nigerians without prior information to the embassy. I threw it aside amidst other sweet info I got about the country. Especially it's beautiful night clubs and hangouts. And just as I was thinking of taking a short trip to Singapore when I get there. Here come this news of "Whatch what you say here" cases.

I do think there is a lot more bondage in these places than the rest of the world actually knows.
Forget all those "beautiful adverts of beachside resorts and plush lawns in Asia" I think these tropics are not really the heaven CNN and others say they are period.

As for my traveling there, It's on hold till I clear my academic issues here and actually have the time to risk my neck.

Monday, September 12, 2005

The Super "A" student

"Son, don't worry cause the truth in life is, the A student ends up working for the D student" Those were the words of a loving mother to her son who doesn't seem to be happy cause he was not the best in class.

Sure life's examples has thought us that the A student usually ends up working for the D students or the ones that are not so bright among them. It seemed a nobrainer to figure since the D student will not find it easy to get hired by an employer who's obviously looking out for the best talents in the market, he ends up creating his Job by himself and as time goes on begin to hunt for the A students to execute certain task in his company.
This has been for a while now and as the Information age rolled in, this phenomenon got more occurrence than ever.

But I was pondering on a this and figured there is a third kind of student that mummy did not mention. The super A student.
The super A student ends up being an A in class and an A in the field. He does better then his counterparts in almost everything he attempts.
Are you a super A student?
What really makes a super A?

Now the first question answers itself after the second has been addressed. The super A "simply put" like my math teacher would always say, is a D student who got mad. Let me explain. The super A student is one who has experienced utter failure over and over again but has refused to stop, and/or has resolved to be the best in whatever defying all odds.

So I guess you know the answer to the first question already. Now don't get me wrong here there are exceptions to every rule and I dare state an exception before hand that goes; There are super A students that possibly never failed once.

But I must state that I've never know any in my entire existence. Please if you have give me a Buzz.

Supers are fearless, determined, Undetering, energetic, Passionate and the list goes on and on. Truth is until you taste failure and success, you can never be better than those who have.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Katrina dissappointments

I don't know what went wrong but the US used to be know for going to every length to save it's people.
But this katrina thing really puts a big question mark on that notion. I myself am a fan of the States but this is just not acceptable. However I have lots of questions for the black populated areas of the world as a whole. Must they always wait for the white group to come to the rescue? I agree the relief efforts were not timely but what happens if they were on an Island like Cuba? Don't they see how other's have survived even with less than they've got? To top it all they start looting each others property. Then there were incidents at the superdome that raise really big Questions. I mean there were deadbodies that were clearly mutilated to the extent that some could not be displayed on CNN for the sake of their gruesome nature. I sincerely think that fire was just an excuse to perpetuate some heinous crimes for God know what purpose.
I really don't see Asians doing this to themselves I mean the Indian ocean Tsunami is still very fresh in our memories and we all saw how the relief process were co-ordinated.
Every body faces one form of disaster of the other but from my little knowledge those that happen in black regions take really sad turns.

In a whole state where 80% of the population are uneducated. I don't seem to believe this is the "all mighty" United States. Why have this region been neglected for so long? Tell me this is in some small African town and I'll wave it off as the Usual but it's happening in the states. Or maybe they should redefine what they meant by "80% are uneducated". This is nothing but disappointing as far as US is concerned.

I don't know what you reading this may be thinking but I think blacks especially need to change their mentality about life. It must not always be the survival of the fittest. People can survive by helping each other and for no selfish gains, Supporting each other in the toughest times, building bridges for generations to come, Help each other survive and always look beyond the present or perish as that is the end point of short-sighted thinking and living.

Mac Mac Mac, Apple Apple Apple, SteveJobs, Steve Jobs, Steve...huh!

I don't know if i'm the only one around here who's noticing this but I must confess that the rate at which Apple is going with thier innovation, theirs are fast becoming products of choice. Take a good look at the triend since "My Guru of the Year, Mentor, Source of Inspiration, Father in Design and Creativity", Steve Jobs took over the leadership of that company, you'll notice a triend of systematic revolution sweeping the industry. I mean Just look at the Ipod triend and then take a good look at the latest innovation(The Nano). I'm for windows, cause I know those guys will never Innovate. They'll just sit there and play politics and copycat. Well I guess Ronald Regan is right when he said "Good will always Prevail over evil". Innovative will always survive. I love apple I must confess and even a staunch advocate of the mac. But do you know the painfull truth? I don't have one neither have I used one. I just read about them and get opinion from people who use them. And they all often tell me howmuch bondage I am in using windows.

Hey before you start screaming, laughing, or moving you lips in patterns let me let you know that I hadn't due to financial constraint. But that will not be the case in few weeks cause i'm seriously working at it.

Apple has really tried in the design of thier products I only wish they'll flood the Nigerian market more.

What do you think?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

GRADUATED? What are the things you'd done as an Undergrad...

Are you graduated? What are some of the things you wished you'd done as an under graduate?

I will be posting some of the responces from my senior friends on this link so stay tuned. ;)


Very good question Prosper, and it is one that i have rolled over many
times in my mind over the years.

For one, i would definitely have taken my academics more seriously and
thus finished with either a 1st class or 2nd class upper. Whilst your
attainment in life isnt dependent on the quality of your education,
truth is having a good education cum class of degree can make the
journey shorter.

The second thing i would have done is to join an organisation such as
Jaycees or AEISEC that would have broadened my horizon and enabled me
have a more global perspective.

The third thing i would have done would have been to plan much earlier
than i am currently doing for my masters.

To sum it up Pros, our lives presently are a reflection of the choices
and decisions we made yesterday. And the choices we are currently
making on a daily basis will affect the quality and outcome of our
futures. My advice to you is to get a vision of tomorrow and work
vigorously toward it today. The height to greatness is marked by
sacrifice Prosper. Make up your mind to pay the price for success
today and you will not regret it.

I hope i have been able to answer your question.

Best Regards