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Sunday, November 25, 2007

meet the perfect nerdKid

Have you met a super nerd kid ?
What are the characteristics you notice ?

Work Screen: Black with green text
Pants: Jeans
Shirts: T
System: Super High end
Browser: Firefox/Lynx
Work Times: Any
Most Active: At Night
Os: Linux
Hairdo: Rebellious
Music: Rock
Thought System: Random
Shoe Types: Chocs
Diet: Junk(Burger & Coke)
Favourite spots: Online

Send yours via a comment it'll be updated.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The comfort zone was bondage

I often revise my life in my mind from the present moment way down to my childhood and baby days. As much as i can remember. Usually in the morning hours after a hard nights work.
The memories I discover become fresher every time and often draw a few tear drops. And after every memory session, I pick up more insights to life than I usually did at the moments these events occurred.
I was often very reserved on my fears and feelings, I never spoke much about them except to my grandmother, But boy I was a very scared kid at some point.

I remember once I was so scared I wondered if it would ever end and what the future had in store for me. So much that I wished the adult me would travel back in time to tell me what the years ahead held for me, and advise me on how I should feel.

One very profound lesson I have always learnt all through is that, "The things I held so dear and felt comfortable around to the extent that I get scared of departing from for fear of my life spiraling downwards are often not as precious as they seemed."

I have seen that staying within these comfort zones has held me back from exploring the unknown, and whenever I break away, I moved several steps higher in my life.

I guess comfort zones are good, But by hanging on to them for the fear of loosing, we deprive ourselves the hope winning.

If I could go back in time, I would go and tell little Prosper:
- Fear not the unknown.
- Keep a good heart
- Put more smile on the faces of people.
- Spend more time with your grand mother and wiser old friends.
- Believe in yourself 100 time more.
- People may ride you or try to, but don't let their unkind words and acts affect the way you see and treat the world.
- Be bold, very BOLD but not rude.
- Enjoy life as much as you can.
- Dream more( 1 million times more than you ever did )
- The problems you face today are really too insignificant to take away your smile.
- Life is good!!! even with bad people in it.
- Live the life, Smile, be happy.
- Don't get too comfortable to follow your dreams.
- Friends are good to talk to when you are worried, but don't expect them to solve all your problems.
- Don't expect too many friends either.(but if you ever/never go to ile-ife, try all you can to look for a kid called Timothy Akinbo)
- Dream!!!
- DREAM!!!!
- Believe in your self.