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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mac Mac Mac, Apple Apple Apple, SteveJobs, Steve Jobs, Steve...huh!

I don't know if i'm the only one around here who's noticing this but I must confess that the rate at which Apple is going with thier innovation, theirs are fast becoming products of choice. Take a good look at the triend since "My Guru of the Year, Mentor, Source of Inspiration, Father in Design and Creativity", Steve Jobs took over the leadership of that company, you'll notice a triend of systematic revolution sweeping the industry. I mean Just look at the Ipod triend and then take a good look at the latest innovation(The Nano). I'm for windows, cause I know those guys will never Innovate. They'll just sit there and play politics and copycat. Well I guess Ronald Regan is right when he said "Good will always Prevail over evil". Innovative will always survive. I love apple I must confess and even a staunch advocate of the mac. But do you know the painfull truth? I don't have one neither have I used one. I just read about them and get opinion from people who use them. And they all often tell me howmuch bondage I am in using windows.

Hey before you start screaming, laughing, or moving you lips in patterns let me let you know that I hadn't due to financial constraint. But that will not be the case in few weeks cause i'm seriously working at it.

Apple has really tried in the design of thier products I only wish they'll flood the Nigerian market more.

What do you think?


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