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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Katrina dissappointments

I don't know what went wrong but the US used to be know for going to every length to save it's people.
But this katrina thing really puts a big question mark on that notion. I myself am a fan of the States but this is just not acceptable. However I have lots of questions for the black populated areas of the world as a whole. Must they always wait for the white group to come to the rescue? I agree the relief efforts were not timely but what happens if they were on an Island like Cuba? Don't they see how other's have survived even with less than they've got? To top it all they start looting each others property. Then there were incidents at the superdome that raise really big Questions. I mean there were deadbodies that were clearly mutilated to the extent that some could not be displayed on CNN for the sake of their gruesome nature. I sincerely think that fire was just an excuse to perpetuate some heinous crimes for God know what purpose.
I really don't see Asians doing this to themselves I mean the Indian ocean Tsunami is still very fresh in our memories and we all saw how the relief process were co-ordinated.
Every body faces one form of disaster of the other but from my little knowledge those that happen in black regions take really sad turns.

In a whole state where 80% of the population are uneducated. I don't seem to believe this is the "all mighty" United States. Why have this region been neglected for so long? Tell me this is in some small African town and I'll wave it off as the Usual but it's happening in the states. Or maybe they should redefine what they meant by "80% are uneducated". This is nothing but disappointing as far as US is concerned.

I don't know what you reading this may be thinking but I think blacks especially need to change their mentality about life. It must not always be the survival of the fittest. People can survive by helping each other and for no selfish gains, Supporting each other in the toughest times, building bridges for generations to come, Help each other survive and always look beyond the present or perish as that is the end point of short-sighted thinking and living.


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