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Monday, November 13, 2006


So you are a techie and want to play some strings.

I’m a rock fan.
And if you listen closely to the kind of rock I enjoy, you’ll notice I’m a contemporary Metal Guy.
My Favorite group is STAIND www.staind.com and http://www.myspace.com/staind .

If you watch their videos closely you’ll discover something about rock music generally.

1. Simple
2. Passionate
3. Moves the crowd
4. Moves you the listener.
5. It comes with a lot of emotion
6. The whole band plays their part with un-matched passion
7. Inconsistent Tempo
8. Its Loud very loud
9. Makes you want to rock & Roll.
You may need to see these videos to fully grasp what I’m talking about.

I read a book recently titled: Re-imagine! Written by tompeters that made reference to me being a Rock Star. Well not exactly me, but Innovators and Movers of the System. It was a phrase that went “When I see you, I see Rock Stars of the Information Age”.

I’m a web designer/developer and I love what I do like a rock star loves his guitar. I have written a few applications that have affected a few people and companies positively.
And what this means is that in my world of web development I’m making music. With every application I produce I try to make you rock and Roll.

You probably haven’t heard much about me because I’ve not made a hit track yet.
But don’t worry, very soon. I will release a track or an album that will rock your world.

However given the above, I will like to list here some other rock stars that have rocked the Info Age.

My favorite is Google. Every Developer in Google is a rock start after my heart. They make me wanna Rrrrrrrrock & rollll. Watch out cause when you think they are gonna zag they zig again.

www.flegz.com (now this is actually one of my rock singles inspired by Google)
www.seunosewa.com this guy rock thousands through www.nairaland.com

So guys keep rocking keep making the music.
May be if you play with the passion of a real Rockstar, you just might rock some people.
After all what’s life without the music.