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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jack and spark, Fluke and Billy

This is a write up i did in nairaland the nigerian forum and i thought it might make some good reading here too so enjoy.

I had four Dogs at home before I left for school. Jack(Mongrel) , Spark(Some funny hairy hybrid really short fat and fluffy dog very fluffy), Billy(mongrel) and Fluke(Rot and dubberman cross).

Jack was the first and was my favorite Dog. he could understand every sign I made and even my emotions he knew when I was angry, Sad and Happy. We played all the time. and Men Jack Loved to play. Jack's like the closest friend I've had after Tim.

Spark Loves alot of petting belongs to my younger sister. He also love to join me and jack in playing. but he often get angry quickly. and when that happens he just walks away.

Billy is always shy and almost never plays with humans. except when you bring it food he has no tail like Fluke so his tail always looks funny when he wags.

Fluke is a very shy but playfull Dog and he's got more Rot genes in him that a dubber man he's got the dauber man physique(lean waist, big chest, strait ears, no tail,) and he's got the rot behaviors. Silent until after the strike. He bite some of my Dad's friend when we forget to lock his cage.

I took a picture with Jack once I mean my mum took our picture though I can't locate that pic anymore. It was really nice... He was licking my eyes and refused to look at the camera.

Mongrels are lovely breeds. they are very very lovely and can learn a lot. They understand you when you are so close to them and in my case Jack could understand emotions. I never really saw these then until years after. Looking back I can see th beauty of loving an animal.
Especially a Dog.

I don't know where they breed dogs in town.
But I will get one when I settle I sure will.

Friday, May 06, 2005

IE Hijack

I got a HomePage Hijack today and after almost seven hours of worrying and trying to fix i desided to move on to firefox as others have done. I seemed to be the only one who had faith in IE in this large office of about 22 computers. Any way foxy has always been an althernate in developers' machines and today I finally caved in and click the default browser prompt. Boy the whole day is gone and I practically spent it fighting some home page hijacker.

I don't know if any one out there agrees with me but firefox is a memory demon and that had been the single reason i choose to stick with IE. But as things are IE has to be laid to rest. Any one there who can help fix my IE should please help I have installed spybot S&D, Registry cleaner and a few others i laid my hands on. Thanks to google :).

Thanx in anticipation of your help.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Confusion In Flash

Of my four years of flashing and five years of webdesigning, I have tried countless times to figure out a way to structure my code and design style. I have almost succeeded in all but in flash. Most of my works are better expressed in .swf than on the .php or pure . good ol html formats. Yet this same favourite software has been the most tedious to use and of course any good flashkid knows that a good flash work i mean one that leaves you agap takes a hell of time to create. Most times if you are not carefull you may forget the parttern of the project and in some cases like me; where some chunk of code is hidden.

Flash is a very kool software and belive me though, there have been some other addons that have succeeded in distracting some newbies stuff like swish and it's familly, this easyflash screen saver software's and the likes. But none have been able to muster the capabilities of flash i mean non. and the complexity of the design interface of subsequent flash familly members will "make a baby cry for mummy".

I started aproject for a client in Miami about three weeks ago. trust the Nigerian Developer/Hustler, I tried to pick up one or two quick jobs inbetween and guess what. . . . yea your's is as good as mine. started looking for where I kept code like a niddle that fell into the river. In a nutshell i had to start the project from scratch and work at break neck speed without breakinf my neck. Afterall who want's to loose a client.

I wonder if there could be some simplification made to the hope fully newer versions of flash By Adobe.
I'm also looking for those who have successfully structured thier flash projects. I hope to learn a thing or two.
it's the "FlashKing".