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Thursday, September 08, 2005

GRADUATED? What are the things you'd done as an Undergrad...

Are you graduated? What are some of the things you wished you'd done as an under graduate?

I will be posting some of the responces from my senior friends on this link so stay tuned. ;)


Very good question Prosper, and it is one that i have rolled over many
times in my mind over the years.

For one, i would definitely have taken my academics more seriously and
thus finished with either a 1st class or 2nd class upper. Whilst your
attainment in life isnt dependent on the quality of your education,
truth is having a good education cum class of degree can make the
journey shorter.

The second thing i would have done is to join an organisation such as
Jaycees or AEISEC that would have broadened my horizon and enabled me
have a more global perspective.

The third thing i would have done would have been to plan much earlier
than i am currently doing for my masters.

To sum it up Pros, our lives presently are a reflection of the choices
and decisions we made yesterday. And the choices we are currently
making on a daily basis will affect the quality and outcome of our
futures. My advice to you is to get a vision of tomorrow and work
vigorously toward it today. The height to greatness is marked by
sacrifice Prosper. Make up your mind to pay the price for success
today and you will not regret it.

I hope i have been able to answer your question.

Best Regards



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