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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ebay weds skype

Boy! After going through a few notable internet new joints i feel the urge to say something really brief.
"Ebay just made a very smart move".
Wether skype is currently making profits or not is really not the issue here.
Taking myself as a specimen, I will like to transact busuness with any body anywhere on the globe. and given the chance i will like hitchfree communication which includes text voice and video and I don't mind if I could get a hollographic representation of the customer. Boy this thing will blow the ebay community up.
Mind you ebay's got most of thier customers in U.S.A and skype has just about one eight of thier users. Which means skypes automatically got thier ebay's users in the U.S while ebay has got skype's.

Just Imagine the triend of things from pure text to Images then to voice, trust me any company that does something on video would have hit the next gold rush. The point is putting power in the hands of individuals, and ebay through is various acquisitions have been able to do just that.

I love smart people and I love E-bay for this move.


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Sampson said…

    I read this:

    Vbuzzer is challenging the proprietary protocol many VoIP companies are using which has left users vulnerable to security holes, virus attack, memory leaks, abnormal port activities and paying for inferior quality.

    Full story on vbuzzer site

    By the way, even ebay not buying skype, users can still using skype to make free calls.

  • At 4:23 PM, Blogger Bob said…

    Great blog! I'm glad I stopped by. Here is a great site with loads of information on voice over ip.


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