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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Super "A" student

"Son, don't worry cause the truth in life is, the A student ends up working for the D student" Those were the words of a loving mother to her son who doesn't seem to be happy cause he was not the best in class.

Sure life's examples has thought us that the A student usually ends up working for the D students or the ones that are not so bright among them. It seemed a nobrainer to figure since the D student will not find it easy to get hired by an employer who's obviously looking out for the best talents in the market, he ends up creating his Job by himself and as time goes on begin to hunt for the A students to execute certain task in his company.
This has been for a while now and as the Information age rolled in, this phenomenon got more occurrence than ever.

But I was pondering on a this and figured there is a third kind of student that mummy did not mention. The super A student.
The super A student ends up being an A in class and an A in the field. He does better then his counterparts in almost everything he attempts.
Are you a super A student?
What really makes a super A?

Now the first question answers itself after the second has been addressed. The super A "simply put" like my math teacher would always say, is a D student who got mad. Let me explain. The super A student is one who has experienced utter failure over and over again but has refused to stop, and/or has resolved to be the best in whatever defying all odds.

So I guess you know the answer to the first question already. Now don't get me wrong here there are exceptions to every rule and I dare state an exception before hand that goes; There are super A students that possibly never failed once.

But I must state that I've never know any in my entire existence. Please if you have give me a Buzz.

Supers are fearless, determined, Undetering, energetic, Passionate and the list goes on and on. Truth is until you taste failure and success, you can never be better than those who have.



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