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Sunday, September 18, 2005


I don't understand anymore how a governor who is suposed to be watching our back will be in London with millions of pounds. For christ's sake there are places in the Delta that need some individual effort to alleviate peoples suffering. Yet he has a house if not two where money is continually stashed. And we aren't talking some thousands of Naira or even millions of Naira given the world exchange rates. This guy is dealing in millions of pounds. Wow. I see why the people are suffering so much.

I mean isn't this annoying enough then some elements in the youth who possibly have been planted there say this is political?
I don't understand who has who's backs or who is against himself in this case. I'm confused. Are these the youths speaking or just some political dominos?

But how do any one expect me to stay and suffer in this?
When everything seem so tied up by one group of people.
I don't know if to be happy or to be sad but I know that one by one all that is done in secrete will be exposed in the Open.

God bless Nigeria and God bless it's youths.


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