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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I love Israel

I love Israel
Just look at the speed with which they responded to distress call of our country Nigeria. They did what they could in the quickest possible time and even if this is political I think I like this kind of politics. I wonder where those anti Israel Nigerians are right now. Where are the so called people instigating against Israeli products. I wonder where their cohorts are at the moment when Nigeria is in distress. The Israel that they were screaming crucify is the one that has responded to our distress call in the shortest possible time…I will repeat it again and again I love Israel. And I’ve always admired their ways.
The same thing happened in the river blindness crisis and now the Bird Flu crisis is here, and they are here again with a twinkle of an eye.
I wonder why this kind of news is not blown up by the world press and so called “hear it first“news companies.