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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FreeDoom of Speech in Singapore

Well Well Well,
It's no news anymore that Singapore is no go area for those freedom thirsty yuppies like myself. I mean just check it out two singaporians were just flogged on the bum(SGD10,000) each to bail them for what the authorities say are "Racist remarks". I used to dread those Asian countries. I knew there was something fishy about them.
I was planning a traineeship to Malaysia(Qualalumpur) to be specific, and just as I got asking around what the laws are and what really entails in these places. I got some horrible tip that these guys are the only Nation in the world that behead Nigerians without prior information to the embassy. I threw it aside amidst other sweet info I got about the country. Especially it's beautiful night clubs and hangouts. And just as I was thinking of taking a short trip to Singapore when I get there. Here come this news of "Whatch what you say here" cases.

I do think there is a lot more bondage in these places than the rest of the world actually knows.
Forget all those "beautiful adverts of beachside resorts and plush lawns in Asia" I think these tropics are not really the heaven CNN and others say they are period.

As for my traveling there, It's on hold till I clear my academic issues here and actually have the time to risk my neck.


  • At 12:46 PM, Blogger jof_views said…

    Do they just behead Nigerians just like that. I think they will only do that when u go against their law.

    You must always try to clarify and elaborate on your claims.

  • At 11:48 AM, Blogger pumba said…

    yea I think it's true that they do not often honor the diplomatic Immunity.
    Especially when they are drug related crimes.


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