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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Searching Nigeria on Google news

A few days ago when I and cyber monk where online. we saw some news about the crash landing of the belview aircraft in ghana. I must say it made us feel really bad when we took a step further to search on google news for Nigeria. The results were 100% bad news.
Well, today has been really eventful.
First I stumbled on clusty by vivisimo and I actually gave both vivisimo and clusty a shot. I must add that I’m really impressed with the way their search results were organized some thing a little better than what Google does.
No doubt Google is really dazzling everybody now but Vivisimo is coming up with their clusters.

Secondly I didn’t know I was really allover the web until I launched a search for my name on vivisimo and got a page of results. My little test for search site was to type my surname and see if they’ll find anything. But sure, there were 12 entries in vivisimo (http://vivisimo.com/), but was a little less in Google (7 to be specific). Don’t get me wrong here it’s not just the amount that fascinates me, but the neat little innovation in the arrangement and linking that really makes me want to keep using vivisimo.
Third I found some really good python materials and I read that really did explain the reason I should do python over Perl.

Fourth and mostly what makes me really happy about my online presence today is I found that http://www.nigerianbloggers.com/ was working. I really felt uplifted. At least there is one Nigerian that works and not just talks. Thanks to Kazey. He probably made me proud of Nigeria than I’ve felt in a while. The site makes good and innovative use of some customisable web/software. And I think I love the color variations.
I guess i will do a detailed post on Vivisimo on a later date cause it really rocks.
Come on guys lets get some apps working, let’s make some clean money.

On the web or anywhere of course.
Merry Christmas.


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