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Sunday, December 04, 2005

FireFox 1.5 just the right tool

Firefox is one hell of a browser but I really must confess I didn't really understand the noise every body was making till I took the pains to change the boring default theme. I managed to get the ifox graphite 1.6 for firefox 1.5. Boy I really began to see the beauty of what firefox renders.

*The speed is cool considering I’m using a skin.

*The display nearly knocked me out especially when i visited www.apple.com and when I was checking my gmail account.

*The interface while using the ifox graphite it very simple, straight forward and as sleek as a Mac interface. I really for the first time enjoyed the beauty of a browser with the tab browsing effect combined and without the boring grey on every windows app.
Browsing looked really beautiful especially when the sites had their avatars on.

I was really impressed at the level of deception the default interface could cause.
Anyway, right now it's Mozilla baby, firefox all the way.


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