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Friday, May 06, 2005

IE Hijack

I got a HomePage Hijack today and after almost seven hours of worrying and trying to fix i desided to move on to firefox as others have done. I seemed to be the only one who had faith in IE in this large office of about 22 computers. Any way foxy has always been an althernate in developers' machines and today I finally caved in and click the default browser prompt. Boy the whole day is gone and I practically spent it fighting some home page hijacker.

I don't know if any one out there agrees with me but firefox is a memory demon and that had been the single reason i choose to stick with IE. But as things are IE has to be laid to rest. Any one there who can help fix my IE should please help I have installed spybot S&D, Registry cleaner and a few others i laid my hands on. Thanks to google :).

Thanx in anticipation of your help.


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