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Monday, August 15, 2005


Took me such a long time to blog this one, but I was sure not going to blog another before it.
It came as an emergency to me when I reminded by Guze that I had to attend the AIESEC NTS (National Training Seminar) coming up the next day at Illorin. I had little cash on me and it was just enough to pay for a delegate fee, transportation and a few for any emergencies. After a short quick think I jumped on board with the team from my LC (local committee) and Illorin here we come. The trip to Illorin on its own was fun packed though my third visit to Illorin. I had been to that town twice while working on a state project with i friend of mine. It lasted a little over 2.5 hours and since we hired a bus, we were the only ones in the vehicle and had lots of freedom.
With us were two very special trainees Nick from Australia and David Ireland.

We got to the camp(Bekandims resort) a little late that day and obviously had missed the sessions for that day so we had dinner and for the first few hours we just settled into our room(a 2 bedroom flat) which to my surprise was very roomy and comfortable compared to what we had anticipated. We moved around a little to familiarize ourselves with the go able areas. And went to the ladies rooms to chat make them laugh a little.

I was contemplating a long night sleep when I heard some one say every one should report to the dance floor. Wow!! I jumped up and as me and the rest of the crew got closer to the place we heard the boom of the records it was Sean Paul... and you know what that means.......to be continued.


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