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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Niger Delta, Nigeria. A Hopeless Youth and A Failing Government ?

Niger Delta, Nigeria A Hopeless Youth and A Failing Government.

A lot of noise has been in the air over Kidnappings in the "oil rich" Niger Delta in Nigeria. I wonder where everybody is putting their brains these days.
I thought these people should have learnt from the Palestine/Israeli disputes. Killing and Destruction has never really been the way since the world became very sophisticated.
Any one who witnessed the previous elections would agree with me that these same Kidnappers were the guys the Politicians hired to steal ballot boxes and carry out atrocious acts for their sakes. Now that they are on the other side of the coin. It’s difficult to stop them and rumors have it that Some US anti terrorist forces had to be Imported to help in operations. Though there have been few responses to this allegations by Nigerian Gov. Officials, Not a lot wouldn't blame President Olusegun Obasanjo much if he resorts to International Security Aid. Cause the situation down there is really scary.
The Youths failed to realize that they will not get substantial help from being violent and deadly. I don't think any can blame them much too cause they have little or no education to sustain them.

However I think they should have propelled most of their energy to making sure they look out for and elect the right person to their senate and push for some serious lobbying. Get some international help politically instead of militarily or better put "Terroricaly".
They should put the fire instead on their Governors whom if really devoted to their cause would take it upon themselves to build good schools, Roads, Good basic amenities with the huge allocations from the Federal Government.
In my opinion if what they are asking for which is larger control of the resources in that region is granted what we'll have is larger crime profiles, More lootings of public funds and more violence. If the Governors are dedicated to their cause they would make sure the roads that are constructed if ever are not partial in any way. I mean there are cases in where the State Govs. Concentrate large efforts in developing their home communities with higher grade materials and standards while those done for other are done nonchalantly that they don't even last a year before needing serious renovations. And that’s if it is done et al.

• There was also a funny case where the Nigerian President went to lay a faculty of Technology foundation stone several years ago just into his first tenure at the delta state univerisity Ole campus in ole. All they have to show for it today is a stone.

If any one is to be blamed it's the leader(the President) for giving them a stone instead of a school.

These people are tired of neglected promises.
The Government has failed in terms of showing the people that they care.
The Government on its part have seriously been “Immature“about it response to these attacks. And I hope they change their attitude. When the president said the previous kidnappings where the first and the last, I thought he was going to massively resurrect all development project in the region and seeing them to fruition. If they intend to give the youth a different impression. But that wasn't the case. Instead there are military raids, how do you expect people to stop being violent by making their environment a war zone. Where has it happened? Especially when you are not dealing with Individuals.
I will suggest that the Gov. begin to look into the rapid improvement of life in the region where its country is surviving from. Giving the new generation a better dreams and things to achieve is the way to go, else when these set of militants are killed another generation will rise when they find nothing better to do with their lives and of course they will be smarter in they way they’ll carry out their operations, they’ll learn from history.

By continually neglecting their predicament which is too obvious to the world is pushing them to the wall and it’s not the better way to go either. There should be more focus on this part of the country now than ever if the Nigerian President is going to keep his words when he says there will be no more abduction of foreign oil workers.


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