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Monday, February 20, 2006

Naija360(Nigerian hot or not) wow

Guys I didn't expect the response to be that much but thank you thank you, you're all too sweet. I never Imagined Nigerians loved fun this much.
Anyway there have been some really interesting response to the gist flowing around regards naija360.com. Every one is going there. Even guys from Kenya. Though just one at the moment.
Features are really taking up some good chunk of my time to churn out. I think I'm going to get a partner.
But sadly I have to clear my desk at the office else I'll be in trouble. But once I'm done with the projects at hand I'll focus fully on adding more features... Plus I'll also like to announce the we have chosen nairaland.com as our official forum. So I guess we'll be starting a new thread at nairaland for our naija360 jists, plus those dying to make suggestions and help make naija360 a better place can get a chance to do so.

I better get back to work and finish up before time runs out.


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