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Friday, February 17, 2006

The birth of naija360.com

Been a while since I had time to write anything. I've been too busy writing code to even think straight. How ever I met the 14 day deadline/wager for the cloning of a Hot or Not site for the Bangladesh Indians. But there was a little challenge. My contact was fired the day before the deadline leaving me with 14 days and nights of rush work and substantial working application. I had no Idea what to do with the program at first and was a little disappointed.
After a day of laying lazily on my bed brain storming how I could sell the code. I thought hey! Why not convert this code content to read Nigeria and start a Nigerian hot or Not site, I didn't hesitate on the idea since it ordinarily gave me some fufilment in my hard work.
Another thing tough was that the first program was heavily stereotyped so I needed to pull out some functions and reconfigure the code and names to fit Nigerian. Still working on a new User Interface though. But of course there has been some signups. But the full package will be out soon.
I really hope I'm able get the necessary help to pull this off successfully.
It also gave me the confidence in my abilities to sit, plan an application and work on it alone. Though working alone is not the best in most cases.
Right now new ideas are coming to me and I feel the power to pull them off.

With time I'll blog on the full functionalities and what the obstacles were while the work was going on and how I overcame them.
till then, visit and get an account. It's a fun site.


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